G.O.A.L. is a 5-day summer-long program that combines sports with interactive science lessons pertaining to medicine. Each day will pair a sport with a human body system, making it easy for students to see a connection between athletics and the human body system. Interactive science lessons will open doors for conversations about the human body and keep students active during the summer. We aim to encourage students to see the world through the scope of science, sparking a curiosity that will grow with them.

Camp G.O.A.L. seamlessly integrates a thorough and engaging curriculum on the essentials of safety, cleanliness, and wellness with fun outdoor activities that not only got students up and active, but more aware of and excited about the lessons they’d learned. The students are incredibly engaged and active participants in their own learning, made possible only by the efforts and skill of Camp G.O.A.L.’s teachers, both in their careful planning of hands-on activities and in the flexibility, competence, and good spirit demonstrated as they guide students through the lesson and adroitly field questions. Camp G.O.A.L.’s objective to educate students at a young age on the importance of health is not only paramount in an increasingly inactive modern world, but is successfully achieved through the dedication of the Camp’s teachers.

Mia Kim, G.O.A.L. Volunteer


8/21/2019 – The Independent Oxford Academy students teach brain anatomy at Boys & Girls Club in Anaheim

Meet the Team

Fashion Castillo

Hello! I am a rising junior at Oxford Academy. I am an aspiring health professional and a part of the biomedical pathway at my school. I started playing soccer when I was five and continued playing throughout middle school. It wasn’t until junior high intramurals that I discovered my passion for softball. I now play on the Oxford Academy Varsity Softball team and was recently voted as the most improved player. This experience was very endearing to me as I always knew I wasn’t the best player on the team but was passionate about playing. I didn’t have the years of experience as most of my other teammates did, but I enjoyed putting my time into something I was still learning more about every day. This was one experience that has encouraged me to share the love and passion I have for sports with others.

Vinutha Sandadi

Hey! I’m Vinutha (my friends call me Vinny), and I’m a rising junior at Oxford Academy. I have an amazing older sister, two supportive parents, and a dog (in the future). I grew up in Torrance and moved to Cypress when I was six — the same age I took up soccer! I’ve been playing soccer for the past ten years of my life, and I’m currently on the varsity soccer team. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in pursuing a career in medicine mainly because of how long medical school is, but I’ve recently become super interested in neuroscience, and I hope to become a neurologist in the future! Aside from my academics and extracurriculars, I love baking whenever I have the chance and watching movies and trying new food with my friends. I also enjoy doodling and writing in my spare time as well as reading Time and the New York Times in addition to watching SNL, The Daily Show, and Last Week Tonight.